Opportunities for Adults to explore their faith in more depth

God’s EmbraceGELego

Three month introduction
Remainder of Phase I

God’s Embrace Renewal Centers invites you to
be part of their three phase formation program
that is geared to facilitate the creation of ardent
disciples who glorify God through the witness of
their lives and service of the Church. The desired
outcome is living our lives within the Trinitarian
Embrace, inextricably linked to the divine life of
the Trinity and to one another in Christ.

This will be held every other Thursday starting on Sept 10th. 7-9:00 PM

This is an excellent opportunity to take your Faith to the next level.


THURSDAY BIBLE STUDY “at 1:30-3:00 pm “The Gospel of the Old Testament”  the Book of Isaiah. Commentaries by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. and presented by Fr. Patrick Winslow and resources from  Catholic Scripture Study International also using the Navarre Bible Commentator.

This Bible Study is facilitated by Cheryl Sokolowski 361-5126 x257



Facilitated by Sr. Felicia (more information to follow)


Women of Grace Women of Grace website

The Women of Grace® Study Program leads women on an exciting journey to discover the gift of The true and essential nature God has endowed to woman referred to by Blessed John Paul II as the feminine genius. authentic femininity™, holiness of life, and woman’s purpose and mission in the world today. Taking the Blessed Virgin Mary as their exemplar and Woman’s potentiality for physical maternity points to her metaphysical reality – she is called to bring life to the world. No where is this more crucially true than in the dimension of spiritual life through which woman is called to be Christ-bearer. In this woman is called to emulate the Blessed Virgin Mary whose fertile fiat birthed Jesus Christ to the world and the world to Jesus Christ. spiritual mother participants grow in the feminine virtues and the secrets of true fulfillment.

The program takes a multi-faceted approach by exploring all aspects of the feminine person including her spirituality, psychology, emotional reality, and physical being. Participants are encouraged to begin with the Women of Grace® Foundational Study Series Phase I, Full of Grace: Women and the Abundant Life.The Women of Grace® Foundational Study Series is presented using DVD lessons taught by Johnnette Benkovic, the book being studied, and its accompanying study guide. The study group itself becomes a “teaching dynamic” of faith-building, renewal, and conversion of heart. A The bond of true friendship that characterizes many Women of Grace Study groups exemplifying a shared desire for holiness of life, compassionate concern, and enriching interaction. sacred sisterhood is often formed within the group that leads to true, holy, and lasting friendships among the women.

Contact Cheryl Sokolowski 361-5126 x257, if you are interested in participating in a group

Groups will be started as interest is shown