2017-18 Registration_Form in pdf

2017-18 Registration_Form (enable editing for the form to load right)

Return completed form by either:

Fax: 361-5503

Email: religiouseddirector@assumptionbvm.com or religiousedsecretary@assumptionbvm.com

Mail: or Faith Formation 6391 Belmont Ave. Belmont, MI 49306


Class Times are as follows:

Wednesday, 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM: First Grade thru 7th Grade

Wednesday, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM: Second Grade thru 7th Grade

Confirmation normally takes place in Eighth Grade, times will be determined.

Middle School and High School Youth Ministry is Sunday nights from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM


*Grades Preschool through 7th Grade uses the Christ our Life series to help the children  learn and assimilate their faith into their daily lives by learning God’s Word. It helps children discover that Jesus is the center of our lives.

*At the heart of the program is the integration of doctrine, Scripture, and Tradition. Christ Our Life encourages prayer and invites children into a deeper personal relationship with Christ. the program recognizes the family is essential for the spiritual growth of children and provides tools that help families turn a learned faith into a lived faith. Children who learn with Christ Our Life are fully catechized, with secure knowledge of the faith and with the mind and heart to serve God’s Kingdom.

*This program helps children learn to express their faith, be a witness to Christ, and respond to their baptismal call to serve others.

*Each unit begins with a Scripture passage that connects the unit theme to the Bible. The Children know the Bible as God’s Word.

*They begin and end each lesson with a prayer that connects what they learn with the presence of Jesus on their lives. They will also have opportunities for communal pray as well as individual.

*Family resources help families and children learn together. Resources include: Building Family Faith, Things to do at Home, Reach Out and Family Features.

*If a class is missed, the student can go to the Loyola University Press: Christ our Life for the make up just click here  Choose the Grade and then the Chapter that was missed and take the test after reading the chapter with at parent. then email the test to the parent who will forward the email to the child’s Catechist or Faith Formation Director. This has been very well received by both the parents and especially the children. They can just take the quizzes for fun, even if they were there.

To find out more about what your child is learning each week, go to the Home Learning Guide for the specific Grade and Chapter your child is on.