Welcome Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish!

Since our founding in 1914 until this present day this parish has tried to be place where people can come together and become better disciples of the Lord.  The history of this place began at Saint Adalbert Parish in Grand Rapids when they donated their old, used wooden church building to create a mission church here in Belmont.  Through much hard work and dedication the founders of Assumption BVM formed the parish we enjoy today.

It is fitting that the beginning of this place started with a used building that was gifted to us, and from which many people were able to join together, sacrifice and to build up this beautiful parish we enjoy today. Ultimately, we know that all that we have is God’s gift to us.  Here at Assumption BVM it is our goal to first always be thankful for the goodness God shares with us, especially the gift of our faith, and consequently take these gifts and share them the best that we can.  

I am glad that you are here and I hope you find Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary to be a parish with faith filled Catholics. It is my firm belief that working together we can all become better disciples of the Lord.

Fr. Tony Pelak