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Monday: 11:30 AM

Wednesday and Thursday:  6:00 PM

Friday:  11:30 AM

Saturday:  5:30 PM

Sunday:  9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 5:30 PM

Diocese of Grand Rapids

The Office of Communications releases the following statement from Most Reverend David J. Walkowiak, bishop of Grand Rapids, regarding the State’s legal challenge to withhold CARES relief funds from private schools:

On June 30th Governor Gretchen Whitmer released the MI Safe Schools Roadmap, which outlines safety protocols to guide schools in their in-person opening for the new school year. At that time, she had this to say:

“I’m committed to providing you with the guidance, support, and clarity that is needed to safely bring students back to the classroom for in-person instruction for the 2020-2021 school year. In doing so we will continue to put safety first, leveraging science, data, and public health evidence to inform the decisions we make to serve each and every student in Michigan well. Today, I signed an executive order and released the MI Safe Schools plan to provide a structure to support all students in Michigan as they plan for a return of K-12 education in the fall.”

On July 7th, the Governor counteracted her own words when she, along with the state attorney general and the state superintendent announced a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education. The lawsuit seeks to withhold COVID-19 federal relief funds from Michigan students who attend nonpublic schools. What a difference seven days can make.

This “about-face” is remarkable. Governor Whitmer has pursued an aggressive, highly-detailed, COVID-19 approach to curtail the spread of the virus and to protect the public health of Michigan residents. She has stated on numerous occasions that the coronavirus does not discriminate. But now she has singled out a class of Michigan citizens—nonpublic school students, teachers, administrators, and other personnel—who should not qualify for the CARES (Coronavirus Aid Relief, and Economic Security) Act funds available from the federal government.

You can catch the coronavirus in a store, bar, fitness center, and yes, a school. The Department of Education wants the federal funds distributed to keep all kids and teachers safe in every school, public and nonpublic. Why doesn’t Governor Whitmer want equal protection from the coronavirus for the Michigan citizens who work or study at nonpublic schools?

The Governor has urged us to be in this together. Agreed! Let’s protect all Michigan students and teachers and not be selective about it.

A Message from Our Pastor

This time of year we can see fields dark green with rows of corn and the farmer’s markets coming back to life with the firsts fresh fruits and vegetables of the year. The sight of such abundance can easily crowd out the memory of when those fields were first planted and they were all dull and brown and lifeless.  In this Sunday’s gospel Jesus uses this dramatic transformation in the fields to represent what can happen spiritually in the hearts of those who listen to Him.

The apostles already displayed a great deal of promise in this gospel. Jesus commends them for seeking out the meaning of this parable about the sower. They, unlike others, want to understand. Ultimately, they did bear fruit in their ministry when they themselves were sent out to become sowers of the Word. They accepted the Word, they tried to understand it, and the Word matured within them to the point of bearing fruit. Hopefully we will be just as receptive so that God’s Word can also bear great fruit within each one of us here at Assumption.

Pray With Us

Eucharistic Adoration: Thursday, 6:30 PM – Friday, 11:00 AM in the Church

Unable to attend Eucharistic Adoration? Click HERE for a LIVE, perpetual Adoration!

Chaplet of Divine Mercy3:00 PM every Friday in the Chapel (Currently CANCELLED due to COVID-19)

Unable to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at Assumption? Click HERE to pray the Chaplet!

Rosary: 8:30 AM Sunday (recited before Mass)

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Stations of The Cross: Click HERE to pray The Stations at Assumption Parish!

Schedule for This Week

Fr. Tony will be celebrating daily Masses that are recorded LIVE and can be watched on Facebook at or on Vimeo at

Wednesday, July 15: 6:00 PM Mass

Mass Intention: For all those infected with COVID and other illnesses.

Thursday, July 16: 6:00 PM Mass

Mass Intention: For the Intentions of Tom & Lois Bobrowski.

Adoration immediately following Mass through 11:00 AM Friday.
Individual Reconciliation in the Chapel immediately following Mass (approximately 6:30 PM)
Friday, July 17: 11:30 AM Mass

Mass Intention:  For the Soul of Joseph Giardina

Saturday, July 18:
Individual Reconciliation in the Chapel:  4:00 PM
5:30 PM Mass

Mass Intention: For the Soul of Bob Bieszka.

Sunday, July 19 Mass Schedule:

9:00 AM Mass at ABVM:  Intentions – For the Souls of Rosemary Bolek and James Mancewicz

11:00 AM Mass at ABVM: Intentions – For the Souls of Bob Hickey and the Deceased Members of Assumption Parish

5:30 PM Mass:  Intentions – For the Soul of Judy Fex.

Monday, July 20: 11:30 AM Mass

Mass Intention:  For the

Tuesday, July 21: No Mass
Wednesday, July 22: 6:00 PM Mass

Mass Intention: For the Soul of Ronald Goodhart

Thursday, July 23: 6:00 PM Mass

Mass Intention: For the sick members ofour community and for all who are in need.

Friday, July 24: 11:30 AM Mass

Mass Intention:  For the Intentions of John & Sonya Covell as they celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Masses on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be LIVE-STREAMED on Facebook and Vimeo for those who are unable to attend Mass in person.

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