Donna Cori Ladies’ Retreat Tickets

Join us for a power-packed day of reflections and encouragement on how to practice the “one thing necessary” (Lk 10:42). Gleaned from 24 years of learning, meditation and practice as a Third Order Carmelite, Donna will help you explode your prayer life and give you tips on how to stay recollected all day long, keep you from being frazzled and anxious and help your service in the Kingdom of God to bear much fruit and give glory to God, while at the same time helping you grow in perfection, as Jesus commanded.

Donna will even intersperse the presentation with original prayer-songs to break up the day and offer time for personal reflections. You can hear the Anima Christe song she wrote below (see video) or for more videos, you can hear her at Purchase tickets online anytime (link below – once clicked, navigate to the bottom to “Parish & Community Events”) or in the Parish Offices using cash or check during normal business hours.

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Artist: Donna Cori featuring The Anima Christi (St. Ignatius prayer after communion)