Diocesan News & Events

Check here for news & events happening throughout our Diocese: Courage Apostolate - A Confidential Support Group for those who experience same-sex attraction EnCourage Apostolate - Family Outreach for those with loved ones who experience same-sex attraction Plus many more!

St. Vincent de Paul’s Thrift Store Needs Your Help!

The Thrift Store is very low on inventory this spring…

Please help us help others especially during this Lenten season! We are in dire need of good, clean spring, summer and early fall clothing. The more we have the easier it is to keep our prices low so those who are poor can afford to shop and those who are homeless and transient can receive free clothing.

Please use your Lenten season to open the doors of your hearts and donate now.

Call 452-1408 to schedule a pick up and we’ll pick up for free.

“Embrace the whole world in a network of charity.” 

Calling Women of All Ages!

Are you looking for a way to increase your faith this year? Consider joining the Grand Rapids Diocesan Council of Catholic Women. Membership is open to everyone. The Council helps women develop their faith through leadership, spirituality and service of the Gospel. Like them of Facebook or email the group at: grdccw@dioceseofgrandrapids.org.

Courage Apostolate

The Courage Apostolate is the Church’s invitation to people who experience same-sex attractions, who desire to live in accord with the Gospel call to chastity. Courage, a confidential support group led by a priest, accompanies men and women along the road to integration, freedom and discipleship. For more information, call 616-459-4662 or email courage@dioceseofgrandrapids.org

EnCourage Ministry

The EnCourage Ministry welcomes parents, spouses and other loved ones of people who experience same-sex attractions to join regularly for prayer and mutual support.  Under the direction of a priest chaplain, EnCourage members seek to know God’s will for themselves and their loved ones, and to follow it with charity and patience. For more information, call 616-288-0918 or email encourage@dioceseofgrandrapids.org

Events at the Catholic Information Center

To register call the CIC at 616-459-7267 or register on-line at catholicinformationcenter.org

Make Your WHY a Way of Life!

If you’ve ever spent ten minutes with a three-year old, you can vouch for their curiosity. “Why can’t I touch that?” “Why is my hair brown?” “Why does that person’s face look so old?” While an untimely “why” can put unsuspecting parents in an embarrassing situation, cultivating curiosity is how every child grows. In fact, we should never shy away from life’s “whys,” even as our children reach adulthood. Here are several “whys” your grown children or grandchildren actually need to hear from you.

  • Have you told them WHY they mean so much to you?
  • Have you told them WHY you embraced faith?
  • Have you told them WHY you have certain personal values?

Many individuals are excited to learn they can easily turn their WHY into action by supporting a ministry or cause that aligns with their values. For instance, a gift in your Will is a simple way to communicate your WHY to the next generation and create a legacy of your Catholic faith in the process. Contact your parish office or call Mark Morrow, Executive Director of The Catholic Foundation of West Michigan at 616.475.1251 to learn more!