Thank you, Volunteers!

Thank you, Volunteers!

Pope: Volunteers are the strength of the Church

Pope Francis encourages and thanks volunteers for their service to the Church and urges them to accept it as a grace of God that they should accept with strength.

By Benedict Mayaki Vatican News, December 5, 2022

Pope Francis sent a message to the volunteers for the upcoming World Youth Day on the occasion of International Volunteer Day, commemorated annually on 5 December.

In a short video in Spanish, Pope Francis said that he has been most impressed by the “strength of volunteers” whenever he visits churches.

Volunteering, said the Pope, is a “shocking force” that departs from patterns to “carry out something” as it has the “perseverance to carry something forward.”

He went on to give the example of those who volunteer to care for the sick, pointing at the example of the men and women who “are there all day long” using their free time to work with the sick.

Volunteering – a grace from God

“Volunteering is a grace from God,” the Pope affirmed, urging volunteers to “please accept it with strength.”

“Do not be afraid”, Pope Francis urged.

The Pope further added that “volunteers are the strength of the Church” as they are “a dimension of the Church’s mission because you go there with your volunteering and maintain so many actions of the Church.”

Bringing his message to a close, the Pope expressed his gratitude to the volunteers for their generosity – the generosity that every volunteer has.