Children’s Faith Formation

Why Send Your Child to Faith Formation?

Faith Formation helps children understand the Sacraments, especially the Mass, and offers an opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation of the Catholic life. Through formation, our young disciples learn to appreciate the most important rituals of our faith. As children learn about the Mass, the responses, and why we do what we do, they develop an active desire to pay attention, explore scripture, cultivate a relationship with the Lord, and share the beauty of the Gospel with their peers. Through Catechesis, children learn that the Sacraments have the power to transform us when we meet Christ there.

Catechesis shows how the Gospel fully satisfies the desires of our heart. Happiness lies in living the Catholic Faith as Christ has modeled it. The more that we learn about Jesus and His plan for our lives, the more we live with meaning and purpose in our lives. We are all called to make a difference in the world around us. Children will learn that we have a co-responsibility to be involved in the missionary activity of the church and to reach out to others in need. We are called to be Disciples of Christ by virtue of our baptism. This means bringing Christ into every aspect of our lives.

A Parent’s Role

At Baptism, parents agree to teach children to love and practice the Catholic Faith. Assumption Faith Formation is designed to support and assist in that goal. You can increase the child’s faith formation by praying often as a family, teaching the prayers given in class, attending Mass weekly, being actively involved in the life of the parish, and encouraging your children to do the same. The best way you can encourage your child to cultivate a faithful life is to lead by example. We encourage you to get involved in your child’s Catechesis by volunteering as a classroom assistant.

For more information, questions etc., please contact Cheryl Sokolowski, Director of Religious Education at 616-361-5126 x 257 or Renee Smith, Secretary at 616-361-5126 x256