Faith Formation Resources

Catholic Resources and informational Web sites available on-line:

Loyola Press is the Textbooks we use for Grades Preschool-Seventh Grade Click here    For Lesson Information click on the above link for support material for each Chapters.Family Support and Resource to help the Catholic Family: ResourcesThe Vatican Website – Link: This is the official website of The Holy See. Also, check out  the New American Bible, Catechism of the Catholic Church, and The Code of Canon Law which has an extensive concordance with almost every other word. (At the top it will give you the option to see the concordance by saying “Click here to show the links to concordance” There is also an extensive library of on-line Documents, Encyclicals, etc. that can accessed in the “site index” at is sponsored by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and is very useful and user friendly. The New American Bible with daily readings (, Communications, Media Literacy, the Office of Film and Broadcasting movie (there is a valuable resource to screen the movies in the theater and on TV.) Church Life and Ministries, Evangelization and Outreach, etc.Faithful Citizenship A Call to Political Responsibility from the Catholic Bishops of the United States provides a framework for Catholics in the United States.

The Challenge of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: complements the teaching of bishops in dioceses and states. This site, run by St. Anthony Messenger Press, offers a “Saint of the Day” feature that includes stories and information about the life of the saint for that day. This is a great site of articles and information that helps explain our traditions and practices on so many different levels. This has an extensive library of saints and angels. It has a search feature for your namesake, patron saints and a church calendar noting the feast days of the saints. There is also sections on prayer, vocations, home and family, finances, arts and entertainment (a.k.a A & E), “Find a Church” by using the city name and state. Is a non-profit organization that seeks to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. It provides inspiring, high-quality, faith-based content to help Catholics understand practice their faith in their daily lives.

http://www.catholicroom.comFrom this page there are many links and a wealth of information. Under the Categories tab is such topics as attitudes, change, Christmas, contentment, happiness, making a difference etc. Some of the daily features include Daily Mass Readings, Daily Prayer, Daily Scripture, Saint of the Day and Calendars. This site is rich in content on just about any Catholic topic conceivable. By linking to other sites, Disciplesnow has sections on apologetics, the Sunday readings with commentary and reflection, the entire text of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, movie reviews, music reviews and much more. This site is dedicated to the mission of living and spreading the Gospel of Jesus with practical information to assist families in passing on the faith to their children. New Advent has an extensive library with church documents and a complete encyclopedia, bible on-line connected into the Encyclopedia for clarification and writings from the early church fathers. This site is one of those that is endless., There is so much information on virtually ever subject imaginable with links within the summaries to explain or clarify specific words. Scripture Readings and Meditations is the title of this site—and that is just what it offers. Its calendar allows visitors to access the Gospel reading for each day of the liturgical year, along with a brief meditation and an excerpt from a psalm. This site is a news agency to inform the “world seen from Rome”.  They aim to view the modern world through the messages of the Pope and the Holy See; tell about the happenings of the Church; and inform about the topics, debates and events that are especially interesting to Christians worldwide.OTHER CATHOLIC LINKS