Returning Catholics

Welcome to Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

Assumption’s Praying Community strongly believes in the Body and Blood of Jesus and Reconciliation. We realize that for one reason or another you may have been away from the Roman Catholic Church. Please know that you have a welcoming ‘home’ here at Assumption and we are always willing to meet with you to discuss any hurts from the church or for whatever reason you may have found yourself away from the church.

Each of our life’s journey is unique, filled with challenges, joys, sorrows, failings and beginning anew. For whatever reason you have been away, know that our God is a merciful God and welcomes you as you are. We are not good because we go to church – we are good because God loves us and forgives us. We encourage you not to allow any individual or structure in the church to come between you and the God who loves you and calls you to sharing in the fullness of his mercy and love.

Please call us if you desire to return to the practice of your Catholic faith and the sacraments – we are here to help you. Nothing is impossible for God and no situation, no matter how complex, is too difficult. No matter how long you have been away or where you are in your relationship with God you are more than welcome to contact any member of our staff at (616) 361-5126

Besides our Wednesday evening (6:00 PM) and Saturday evening confession schedule (4:00-5:00 PM) our priest is available for reconciliation if there is a better time for you. The sacrament of reconciliation is also available in any Catholic Church.

Websites For Inactive Catholics

Divorced and Remarried?

If you have been divorced and remarried, let us help you through the healing process for that. Again feel free to contact us at (616) 361-5126

Pope Francis said it so beautifully:

“I would like to tell all those who feel far from God and the church – and I say this respectfully to those who are afraid or indifferent. The Lord calls you and wants you to be part of his people and does so with great respect and love! The Lord doesn’t proselytize, he gives love and this love looks for you, waits for you…..This is the love of God.”

~ Pope Francis, January 8, 2014